Armchair in Flames?

Experimental Philosophy and its Critics






University of Cologne
September 22-24, 2008


Thomas Grundmann (University of Cologne)
Some hope for intuitions. A reply to Weinberg

Frank Hofmann (University of Tübingen)
Intuitions, Dispositions, and the Apriori

Joachim Horvath (University of Cologne)
Experimental Philosophy and Meta-Epistemology

Jens Kipper (University of Cologne)
Philosophers and Grammarians

Kirk Ludwig (University of Florida, USA)
Intuition and Relativity

Thomas Nadelhoffer (Dickinson College, USA)
The Psychology of Philosophy

Christian Nimtz (University of Hamburg)
What Intuitions are not

Joseph Shieber (Lafayette College, USA)
On the Very Idea of Experimental Philosophy

Ernest Sosa (Rutgers, USA)
Intuitions and X-Phi

Anand Vaidya (San José State University, USA)
On the Central Theoretical Posit of Experimental Philosophy

Jonathan Weinberg (Indiana University, USA)
Are Philosophers Experts?

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